Social Security Wrote to Me

I just read a letter from the social security administration.  It said:

“Dear Julie,

We understand you’ve been working since 1987.  You’ve paid a great deal in taxes in these 28 years including a lot of money to social security.  We understand you have a very strong desire to change the world and the way things are.  We’ve decided with the approval of the federal government, to allow you to start drawing on your immense savings in social security and continue writing and speaking out to change the way things are.  Please sign the enclosed form to start your monthly draw if you agree with our findings.”

Just kidding.  It said “here’s what you’ve paid.  Here’s what you’ll get at 65.  Here’s what you’ll get at 70…..”


If you live that long.

Ok, it didn’t say the last part, but I know what they meant.  

That’s all.