Men are not Equipped to Lead

For years, I’ve listened to stories about how women are too emotional or weak to be leaders or that they have PMS for 5 days a month and couldn’t possibly think rationally during that time, so we dare not put them in leadership positions. And it’s not only men that say these things, but women too! The thing I don’t hear anyone saying is, how the hell can men be leaders when they think about sex all the time? Everything is driven by sex for them. Look at all the male politicians with sex scandals. Here are some examples:

You know who doesn’t have any sex scandals? Women in politics. Think of one woman in office that has a sex scandal in her past. I’ll wait…..

As a single woman–single for all but 11 years of my life, I’ve met a multitude of men and they all have one thing in common: they think with their penis. That’s young men, middle-aged men, old men; men of all economic backgrounds and professions. They can’t speak for 2 minutes often times without resorting to sexual innuendo and proposition. From my experience, the more successful and powerful a man is, the more he’s consumed by sex. I believe the history of sex scandals for men in politics demonstrates that nicely.

I can’t even say the penis is less of a liability when regular sex is being had because they still think about it all the time. I can say that when they aren’t having sex, some are now taking to mass murder blaming the women that won’t have sex with them. you want to talk about emotional???

And anyone who thinks women are too weak to lead, clearly has no clue how easy it is to get a man to do anything once he’s got an….ahem….amorous penis. Once they reach a certain point, they turn into complete idiots because there is nearly 0 blood flow to the head. Horny men are a great threat to our nation. Any sex-kitten could easily get any information she wanted once the “fire is lit.”

Women may menstruate 5 days per month, but penises run men’s lives every single day. It’s amazing to me that nobody has brought up this liability with having men in charge before. Frankly put, if you can’t stop thinking about sex long enough to have a conversation with a female colleague, it seems to me it isn’t the women that don’t belong. Capiche?





One thought on “Men are not Equipped to Lead

  1. You’re right, which is why I’m misandristic, but that’s a bit of a generalisation. Then again, we actually haven’t met, so you’re probably on point.

    I’ll take my “not all men” and find the door, but this is the rare occasion that I will stop so low as to be a part of the “not all men” crowd who clearly fit the description, but are simply trying to avoid the truth. I’m doing it because I don’t want to be categorised or be associated with those worthless fuckers. 😉


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