There’s too much hate

Hatred is not a worthless emotion, but it’s very similar to love. Some think it’s the opposite, but you can’t hate someone without thinking that they could have been someone you love.

That doesn’t make sense to most people, but it makes sense. The opposite of love isn’t hate. It’s indifference. When you cease to care about a person you once loved, it’s because you don’t care. If you feel hatred towards them, it’s a reflection of your own fear.

People fear what they don’t know and it will always be this way. People prefer comfort even if they know it’s a big lie. That’s why the biggest homophobics are secretly gay. This is why the biggest atheists are seeking something to believe in, this is why idiots hate the educated. Everyone is searching for someone like themselves. The weak conform. The strong become leaders–not dictators, not bosses, but leaders. Dictators want everyone to adore them, even when it’s a lie out of fear. Bosses want to tell everyone how to think; how to feel; how to act. Leaders lead people to live as they do: with conviction, with strength, with love, and with truth.

Be a leader.

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