Depravity Craves Innocence

Wandering, walking along, enjoying the beauty of the flowers, the trees, a fresh snowfall, innocence runs into depravity.

Depravity wishes for innocence once again. Innocence seeks to be stronger and mightier. Depravity wishes to corrupt innocence.

Which is which? Who is who?

Is the innocent seeking out the depraved to not feel alone? Or is it the depraved that seeks out the innocent? To make them whole, to help them to learn? To be stronger than?

The answer is “yes.”

An innocent sees another innocent struggling with depravity and wishes to lead them out. The depraved seeks the innocent to lead them in.

And this begets a constant struggle for both. He believes she’s innocent. She believes he’s depraved and wishes to help.

We’re all messed up, kid. The only difference is some of us know and admit it and some of us keep up the deception.

Which are you?

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