The Liar and the Dupe

I’ve been thinking quite a bit today about whether the liar is to blame or the dupe that believes the lies. We are told to not be cynical. I’m cynical. It takes an extremely skilled liar to dupe me. Even when my gut is saying, “that’s bullshit.” My head is saying, “don’t be so cynical.”

Finding out you’ve been conned makes you feel like a moron. It can be very difficult to admit you’re a moron. So, you hide the shame and don’t speak of it. You become even more cynical. Or, you continue to believe the lies were the truth and you continue making poor decisions based on lies, so you never have to admit to being conned.

But, you know? I think maybe, the blame lies in the liar. Being able to lie straight-faced and ruin people is a skill I hope to never possess. Sometimes, I think it would make life easier, but an easy life is for morons that never examine their own purpose.

Don’t place blame or take blame for believing lies. It means you are trusting, you are pure, you are not cynical. Place the blame on the liar: the one with no conscience, the one that would say anything to get what he wants. Believing in people and that they are what they say they are isn’t a weakness.

Compulsive lying? That’s a weakness.

That’s all.

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