Still none. Except a lone psychologist that says PTSD. One meeting and I know they’re short so I told him everything I could–including about leaving my job.

One meeting and he said, “I think you have PTSD. Your limbic system could well be to blame for everything. Your frontal lobe keeps propelling you forward and holds your thoughts, your brains and ambition. Your limbic system knows everything that’s happened and is trying to protect you from it. It’s primitive. It could very well be causing your hives, your locked joints, your aches and pains. It wants to protect you.”

Me: “from what?!?”

Him: “from humans. You’ve had some very bad experiences with humans. Your limbic system is now doing everything it can to dig a hole for you that you can live in. But that’s not what you want. You can fight it if you want to. I’ll help you.”

So, there you go. I’m totally mental.

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