Ada and Inman

I finally watched it. Are you afraid you’re going to die if you come back to me? Is it your plan to come back when you’re ready to die?

Twenty years is too long to spend loving someone I can’t be with, but I also don’t know how to stop. Is this our Odyssey? Is our cliche, ridiculous destiny to be star-crossed lovers from one life to the next? Do we ever get together or do we spend all of eternity wishing for each other and knowing we can’t be together?

I haven’t changed enough to stop being in love with you. Have you changed so much that you’ve become numb to your feelings for me?

I don’t like being in love with another woman’s husband, but you were mine before you were hers. And in every way that matters in this hell on earth, I’d wager to say you’re still mine.

There’s nothing left for me now except to wait for you or death. Will death find its way to me before you do? Do you still care for me?

I’m still waiting for you. I’ll die waiting for you.

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