In Debt is No Way to Start Your Life

My son is a senior in high school next year. Like all high school seniors, he’s worried about college, what he wants to be when he grows up; he concerned about choosing a career. Just like me and everyone since, he fully believes he must go to college to have a good life.

He doesn’t. I bought into that lie ad so many others have. What kind of a society tells their best and brightest that the best place for them is in college wracking up $30,000, 50,000, or even $100,000.00 worth of debt before they even begin their lives?

If my son wanted to be a doctor or a lawyer, college would make sense. He doesn’t. My son is smart, talented and wants to work a trade. I don’t think he should go into debt for that. I think he should start working someplace he wants to and get trained there. If they want him to take classes, they can put him through them.

The worst thing this country has done to our youth is to tell them they must go to college after high school and put themselves thousands in debt to start their lives.

Then, they meet and marry someone else that’s in debt and we have 2 young people with about $80,000 worth of debt and jobs working 60 hours a week in hopes of having a decent life.

They can’t afford a house or car. They can’t afford to get out of debt. They have endless anxiety about how they’re going to get themselves out of it and live a happy, meaningful life. That’s wrong. There’s nothing wrong with getting a job and working your way up. A college degree and 40 grand in debt guarantees you absolutely nothing but debt.

I asked my son, “if you saved up the money to go to college so you wouldn’t go into debt, you’d have about $40,000.00.” He said, “That would take me years to save!”

I said, “yes, but you did it. You worked for it and you had the money to go to college. Would you go to college? Or use it as a down payment on a house and car?”

“Does payment on a house and car.”

Then, why do you want to borrow $40,000 from someone else to go to college when you could work and save for the money for a house and car? You’d need to pay back $80,000.00. And it would take you that many years longer.

I spent 16 years with student loan debt. I couldn’t buy anything or do anything. I’m not giving that to my son.

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