I had a dream I spoke my mind

It was a strange dream. I’ve been struggling some at work. It’s a new position and I’m trying to do my best, but I’m falling short. I work with many young people and they are very confident. I often wish I could have that same confidence. But, they stand up for themselves. They know they’re amazing and they tell their supervisor.

Me? I’m not like that. In my dream, I met a couple people I knew from the past that were now working where I did. One was a graphic design genius that doubted her abilities when I’d known her. I told her she was amazing and brilliant and she remembered that. She saw me at the new job and hugged me and told me that I belonged there. It may be tough now, but there’s a reason for me being there.

Another person I met long ago in theatre/acting was there. She was her incredibly talented, humorous self and told me and my supervisor that we needed to learn from each other.

My supervisor pointed to one of my young, very confident co-workers and asked, “he knows he does a great job! He doesn’t need me to tell him. You should be more like him.”

And, I said, “he likely had parents that encouraged him and told him how wonderful he was even when he wasn’t. When he drew a picture of a flower, he was told he was talented, brilliant. I didn’t have that.

I was told that my talent wasn’t a career choice. I was told I wasn’t smart enough. I was told I had no ambition. I was told I was selfish. I was told I’d never amount to anything. I got good grades. I got the lead in the play. I was first chair in band and won awards in speech in theatre. I was told that I should become a model or marry a rich man.

But, I’m still here and working very hard to do a good job just to hear someone someday say, “you’re awesome.”

That could be you, but you’ve chosen to continue challenging me instead. It’s ok. But, you must open your mind so you can learn from me. We don’t all know we’re amazing. Nobody ever told us that . We have to prove it.

You can believe the one that tells you how wonderful her is and struts about like he’s entitled to praise, but you can also watch the person that’s worked hard her entire life and be one of the only people to tell her she’s good enough.

Now, it’s all on you.

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