Some Personal Observations on Depression

I’m probably going to regret this, but the high profile suicides and seemingly perplexed desire to categorize depression as a mental illness has me somewhat concerned.

Is depression a mental illness? Yes. It can be long, drawn out and inexplicable sadness. It can also be a chemical imbalance in the brain.

The issue I take with the current opinion is that having emotions is a mental illness. If you suffer an enormous loss and fall into depression, is it a mental illness? Or are you simply sad and dealing with a tragedy?

When you’ve lived through atrocities and witnessed horrific cruelty and you’re learning to deal with and understand that, is it human emotion? Or is it mental illness?

Are people still allowed to be sad and blue and talk about it? Or will they be diagnosed as depressed or mentally ill?

I’ve been sad enough to take my own life before. I didn’t feel like I could talk to anyone about it. I didn’t die and I didn’t talk. I started to realize that the world despised basic human emotions that aren’t positive and delegates you to a professional if there’s no smile on your face and you’re just sad.

Sad isn’t mentally ill. It’s normal. Suicide isn’t mentally ill. It’s a logical step to stop the sadness that’s not talked about as normal, but is perfectly normal.

If you’re sad, it’s a normal human emotion. If you’re perpetually sad and there are no good days at all, that might be an illness. But, things like sad, happy, angry, excited, passion? Those are normal.

You aren’t mentally ill, you’re human. Don’t be labeled. Talk to people about your feelings. Feelings are amazing. Be thankful you have them. Inspire others to have them. Realize, if you die, you won’t be able to help others with their very normal, human feelings.

It’s ok to feel sad.

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