My Best Friends, I Met Online 

When I was first separated, almost divorced, I joined a dating site. It wasn’t well known, but it had the best chat room.  After being married for 11 years and being an introvert, I didn’t know how to meet people.  I’ll call that site DAC. 

Nobody on DAC was local.  But I did meet some of my best friends there. They were the other women. The guys would show up in chat and message us one by one and we’d talk about it publically (in the live video chat room).  “Oh, sweetness just messaged you? He told me I was the only one.” And we’d laugh my first foray into socializing was in that chat room. Eventually, I spent more time talking to many of the women there than I did trying to meet a guy.  Those women are still my friends today: 

My very best friends are Jessica (Screen name Jessa) & Kathryn (screen name Dutchie).  We’re going to be the Golden Girls someday. There are others, Debra (Blue), and Gloria (Nap), Barbara (Babs), and Helen. We’re all still friends. It became clear that DAC was dying and we all got together on Facebook. 

I love these women.  It’s been 7 years since DAC and we’re all still hanging in there together.  We’ve never met, but we’ll always be friends.  I love you ladies! 

And Toots, Sis, and Kat are going to Miami one of these days!  

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