I Want to Remember 

Lately, I’ve found myself wishing I could hit rewind and watch a scene from my life over again. I don’t wish I were younger. I don’t wish I would have done something different. I just wish I could go back and relive a few/several/an abundance of wonderful experiences.  I know I can’t, so I’m now just wishing for dreams to carry me back where I can be: 

1. With grandma on the Lenz brothers farm with her baking the best buns in the world and wandering around that big, old farmhouse as one of very few guests. 

2. Spending time with my family and friend, Shawn, in seventh grade that time we went to Milt and Jean’s lake home and it rained all weekend. 

3. When my dad took me fishing and we got told to go home because we didn’t have a working light on the boat (and I was catching all the fish.) 

4. Going to grandpa Ken and grandma toots’ for Christmas with my aunts, uncles, and cousins and wishing to stay up later with the grown ups to play cards or visit. 

5. Going to visit my aunt and uncle in Bismarck and being allowed to hang out with my mom and my aunt and visit. 

6. That one Valentine’s Day when my boyfriend did everything right and I was able to relax and see how loved I was. 

7. That time my son and I swung on the swings together. 

8. The time my mom slept in the same bed with me after I’d had a huge surgery for cancer and just wanted my mom. 

9. The time I went to Florida and took a boat around the gulf coast and stood crying at how amazing it all was. 

10. Today, looking out my window and realizing how incredibly amazing life is and how much I’ve already experienced and hoping I will always remember all of it.

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