Fiscally Conservative Democrat 

I’ve said before that I’m a fiscally conservative democrat–both democrats/liberals and republicans/conservatives laugh. 

What does that mean? 

Mainly, it means I do not believe in taxation without representation. For example: no, I don’t think I should pay taxes if I’m not adequately represented. 

Yes, I realize I need public schools, roads and safety net social programs. 

No, I don’t believe my tax dollars are well-spent on a legislature that does not represent me. 

No, I don’t think my tax dollars should pay for a president that flits off every weekend with family and friends to his ridiculously expensive “retreat”. 

No, I don’t believe the country needs another 56 billion in defense spending. We already have the biggest military budget of anyone in the world. It’s all a waste of money to show the rest of the world that we can blow them up before they blow us up–who cares? We’re all gonna die anyway. 

I do believe in taking care of our own citizens. Hey! You know who can’t pay taxes? Dead people. Sick people.  You want to run a country and let its tax-paying citizens die? 

You know who else can’t pay taxes? People that can’t afford a decent education. I mean, if we took some of that goddamned defense money and actually invested in our own people, they could get/create/work great jobs–careers even, but we’re cutting health care and education to pay for defense we don’t need. So, we’ll have a country of sick, dead, or stupid people that answer to a bunch of checkbook happy idiots. It’s not their money they’re spending, honey. 

Good luck with that. 

I don’t believe in wasting money–either  personally or publicly. I sure as hell don’t think it’s cool to take money from people that they need for more shit the country doesn’t need. 

But, what the hell do I know? I can’t even get adequate representation. But damned if the government doesn’t keep taking my money. 

There you go, I’m a fiscally conservative democrat.  Stick that in your pipe and smoke it. 

It’s all about priorities, baby. What are yours? 

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