This is why you’re single, dumbass

I understand being alone. I’m pretty good at it. I know me. I know my limitations and my flaws.  I also know my worth and that I’m not a bad catch. I’m not perfect, but seriously, who is?

Foolishly, I think two things: 

Alone is fine. I can be alone. I’m good at it and I’ve done it forever so nope! I don’t need anyone else. 

And, there’s somebody somewhere willing to put up with me and I can put up with them.  

I don’t know how far I lean in either direction until I meet someone I like. Then, I’m ready to be accommodating. Truthfully, I’m a good girlfriend. I also lose myself sometimes. 

I’ll wander back and forth and wait for someone to run fast in the other direction. Because they always do. And if they don’t, I do. 

But I’m tired of that. 

Alone is fine. I can do what I want when I want and how I want.  

And yet, it sucks. I can do what I want, when I want and how I want and be alone.  I’m tired of that. 

I want to be with someone else who’s also tired of that who thinks, “I’ve done that. I know I can do that. I’m bored with that. I want to go ahead and risk being hurt to at least know I tried.”

I’d rather be hurt again than not try. Because I’m weird that way. Know anyone else weird that way? Send them my way. 

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