Catch and Release

Kiss my neck.

Nibble my ear.

Tell me what I want to hear.

I’m naive. I’ll believe. 

Break my heart, I fall apart.

Fractured corpuscles, broken soul,

Scars unseen? They take their toll.

And still I try, ’cause I’m naive
Although it’s harder now,

I still believe.

Kiss my forehead, wipe a tear.

Tell me what I want to hear. 

Don’t break my heart.
I’ll fall apart

Again and again and again.

They love to chase, catch, and release. 

This is my problem with men. 

Better to be released, I guess

Than to be devoured whole 

Best, is it to be set free 

Than be decor on the wall

Do you believe? 
Are you naive? 

One thought on “Catch and Release

  1. Dear Julie , I read twice the poems I saw here on your blog. Quite frankly , I was astounded , and floored , your words hit me , figuratively, narratively, square in my face.
    Impactfull , fluent and argumentative , in their beauty and truth….
    Touching my heart in a million ways in one…. Thank you for sharing , from your soul , your mind and deep heart !
    From Chris….


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