Defense of What? 

Our embattled new president finally released his budget proposal. We shouldn’t be surprised. He’s doing the things he said he would do, but apparently “Make America Great Again” didn’t include things like clean air, water, health-care, arts and humanities, education, assistance for poor or homeless, or childcare. The new budget wants 54 billion more spent on defense.
I question what exactly we are defending. It certainly isn’t our values. Or maybe I’ve been misled all these years. What are our values as a country?
Do we value Americans? If we don’t care if they live or die, how can we say we value them? It’s not just the poor that are going to die. It’s veterans, the elderly, the sick, the children, and those that survive will survive in a country that places no value on the environment, education, caring for others, or children. Our values and making America “Great” again only seem to be investing in more weapons and defense. Those who do survive will see that we are a country that has nothing left to defend. The only irony is that no country would want us at war anyway because we’re doing so well at killing our own people. 
We already have enough “defense” to kill the entire world 30 times over and we need more? At the expense of the most needy among us? 
What exactly are we defending? 

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