My “Wedding Ring”

I received another compliment on my “wedding ring” today. 

“That’s beautiful! I love your wedding ring! Oh my! There are two different stones in it. Are those rubies? And looks like a birthstone. Is that October?”

I don’t know. I bought it at a pawn shop. I like unique things. I loved it. It was beautiful and different. It looks like a butterfly to me.  I wear it on that finger. I’m not married. 

I think the whole designated “ring finger” for marriage is weird.  It’s tradition. Some traditions make absolutely no sense whatsoever. 

Of course I do realize that wearing a ring on my “ring finger” that doesn’t mean anything except I like the ring, is confusing. I think it may be even more confusing than having two last names!  

I’m single and open to a relationship. I guess maybe I should move the ring to another–less controversial finger, but if it fits, it sits. 

One thought on “My “Wedding Ring”

  1. Most men would see a ring on that finger and walk away. Except for a few scumbags, some that are even married and want to have a quick one night stand will hit on a married woman and visa versa. It works both ways. But true. You are entitled to wear a ring on any finger you want. They are your fingers and nobody elses. You make the call.


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