Dear Match Dot Com

Of the three men I’ve agreed to meet on your “dating” site, one turned into a stalker, one became a pervert after our first meeting (also, that one has herpes), and one sent me unsolicited photos of his junk. 

My profile clearly states that I’m not looking for a hook-up or friends-with-benefits situation, but yet, you matched me with these people. 

I understand you can’t vet every person on your site, but, you are running a date rape site. Maybe it’s just in my state, but the stalker that I agreed to meet, I dated a few times. When it became clear to me he had control issues, I ceased all contact. He texted me over 60 times a day. When I didn’t respond to his texts, he started calling me. When I didn’t answer his calls, he started calling me at work.  My work has caller ID. When I didn’t pick up the phone, he called from another line and told me he was going to come to my house. 

He never did come to my house, but he did come to my work. He was a toiletries truck driver and dispenser and gained access to my building. He sought me out, came to my desk at work and said he just wanted to say “hi.” Which, of course means, “I know where you work. I can be here anytime to mess with your head. You don’t reject me.” I’ve had to block him from all my social media sites and left my job. As soon as I had another job, I had to set up a work site. He found that the first day and began contacting me. 

The second was going to college later in life to become a teacher. We talked a few times, emailed a few times. I finally agreed to meet him after about 4 months. We met, had a nice conversation and then he said he was going to go to the gym and work out.  We walked out together and he said, “I just came in my pants.” And began grabbing at my breasts and crotch in a parking lot in broad daylight. 

The third presented himself as a scientist that was lonely and looking for a partner.  He sent me very nice messages about wanting a partner.  I met him once for lunch. The next day we talked on the phone an hour and he still seemed ok. The next day, he asked for my address, sent me a photo (that I did not want) of himself in the mirror that clearly showed his genitalia. When I told him I didn’t want the photo, he proceeded to tell me how many women want him, how I should like it, and how I should “eat [expletive].”

He then decided to continue telling me how horrible and pathetic I am for refusing his advances. 

I’ve read the warnings about scammers  that are on the site. I’ve agreed to the disclaimer that you forced me to agree to. Maybe it’s just that I attract horrible people.  Or maybe, you’re running a site for  stalkers, perverts, and potential rapists. Whatever it is, I’ve unsubscribed to your site and will happily tell you each person’s name. Unfortunately, I deleted all the photos and messages, because I didn’t want to feel victimized by these men anymore. 

When I canceled my membership, you asked me why and provided a tiny box to tell you what’s happening.  There wasn’t enough room to tell you what was happening. Here you go. No. I would not recommend you to any women I know.   

2 thoughts on “Dear Match Dot Com

  1. Wow. Talk about a site full of Losers. Putting it mildly. “Very Mildly ” I think Match Dot Com should be banned for reckless endangerment of another human being. I’m sure they have Lawyers up their ass and it everything would be litigation forever. But it would be worth it to see Match Dot Com lose their license. Everybody’s who dates from that site lives are in jeopardy.


  2. P.S. Julie. You don’t have to go on any dating site to find a date. You are smart. beautiful sexy very interesting and extremely talented in all that you do. Stay true to yourself. Always ⚘


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