Mom called me today 

Mom and dad are complete opposites. They made me. When mom was on my case, dad picked up the slack. When dad wasn’t around, mom picked it up. 

I love them both. So very immeasurably, so unconditionally so. But, they’re opposites.  

Dad loved me no matter what but he was t always there. Mom loved me but had a hard time doing everything herself because….dad wasn’t always there. 

I guess I’m lucky? My parents didn’t split until I was 17. Before that, it was just a bit odd. Nobody yelled and fought. Nobody talked. Nobody communicated in my home. Not by word, by affection, action or glance.  

My mom was always there–band concerts, plays, speech tournaments, my brother’s basketball and football games….she was there. She was there by herself. Dad was working. My dad was a very hardworking man! He lifted himself up from a poor family and worked extremely hard and did extremely well for someone without a silver spoon. 

He married my mom. She was the eldest daughter of a farmer and a school teacher.  She had to get up before the crack of dawn, feed chickens, butcher hogs (sorry, mom, can’t remember what all you had to do starting when you were 8). 

So, mom married dad. Mom was 20, dad was 21. Dad had started selling cars at Overvold’s in Fargo and was doing very well. Mom was going to college at MSU.  They both did what they thought was right and got married when my brother was in the picture.  They had mom’s sense of humor and lust for life and dad’s strong will for success.  They later ended up with me. 

While it wasn’t easy by any means growing up in Kindred, North Dakota, I did have the good fortune to be Arlo’s daughter. I also didn’t realize it for a few years, but, I was very fortunate to be Dee’s daughter.  

I have my mom’s sense of humor and sensitivity. I have my dad’s love of life and drive for success.  I’m so very happy to have them both with me–no matter where they are.  

I know I’m not the homecoming queen. I know I’m not the golden child, but I’m doing the best I can. They both taught me who to be and who I am.  

My mom called me today. 

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