Emotions don’t need Medicating

Do you have high “highs” and low “lows”?  I do. I always have. When I’ve been told I need some help, I’m usually prescribed a pill. The interesting thing (to me) is that I’ve never been prescribed a pill when having a high “high” thing.  I’ve never been diagnosed. 

In fact, when I see a counselor, psychologist, or psychiatrist and they (and nobody ever seems to do this), but they ask me, “How are you? Why are you here?  Are you ok?” I always answer truthfully 

“I’m fine.  I’m happy. I know some people think I’m a bit crazy, but I’m just enjoying things. I feel things. I feel everything.  I choose to be happy or I choose to be sad.” 

What makes you choose to be sad? 

“Oh, you know….starving kids, dead people, homeless, starving kids and parents.”

And what makes you choose to be happy? 

“A good day? Leaving my house and encountering only nice people? Hope? Knowing that life is too short to worry about things I can’t control?”

Sometimes I worry that people think I’m a little nuts.  This has been going on now for 30 years or so. So, each time I’ve listened and sought professional help. Do you want to know what they’ve said after spending a couple hours talking to me? 

“You are, quite possibly the sanest person I’ve ever had the pleasure of talking to. You don’t need medicine. You don’t need help. You just need to learn to be you.” 

That’s just super-awesome I guess, but where do you go with that when so many people tell you that you’re crazy? 

All I do is speak my mind. I know I’m not always right, but I do listen. All I can say is that, thank heavens for good doctors.  And maybe it’s not me, maybe it’s you. 

I had a boss (out of many, many bosses) that told me something. I looked at him for a while and he eventually laughed and said, “are you ok?” I told him I was just processing. I’m a little off. 

He laughed again and said, “you know? You are a little off. That’s why you do such a great job.” 

I’m a little off. Not off-track, not off-subject, not off-course….but perhaps, a little “off”. 

One thought on “Emotions don’t need Medicating

  1. Nothing wrong with being a little off. Just means that you have a mind of your own and are not afraid to show it. I might be a little off myself. Okay. No might about it. I am. LOL.


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