So, this is it, huh? 

Social media used to be a PR person’s dream. Maybe that part of it is still true.  

But, is this what it comes down to? Basic, human communication over the Internet? People glued to their phones at all times?  Is this it? 

Are we a country of online nobodies in a sea of many online nobodies? Everybody wants to be heard and feel like they’re listened to. I guess social media can quench that thirst.  But, you are still more, you know?

I love social media for the way it has brought people together. I like finding friends.  I miss the days when a handwritten letter meant so much more than it does now. 

I miss picking up the phone and talking to someone that wants to talk to me. 

I write personal things on Facebook sometimes and then delete them because….well, it’s Facebook. It’s not my ideal means of communication. In fact? Sometimes I think it’s a very shitty means of communication–with the ease of unfriending, blocking; the virtual “ostracizing” of those that might not love your posts. 

Is this what it is? Is this really the future of human communication? If it is, the future sucks. 

That’s all. 

2 thoughts on “So, this is it, huh? 

  1. Then you stay off it…
    Meanwhile I’ve always hated talking on the phone. Which is why I rarely call anyone.
    I love this silent form of communication.
    BTW you can block phone numbers too. Caller ID, screening calls with the answering machine… deciding who you want to associate with is nothing new.

    Meanwhile, Ive never deleted anything I’ve said on FB. FB has deleted me a couple times for things Ive said though.


  2. Facebook seems to be the number one way of communication now days. And that is sad. The “old fashioned way ” is a lot better in my book by far. Sometimes change isn’t better- just more convenient. Definitely not better. People need to keep in touch physically- and socially — Not just through social media.


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