I’m a person, not a number 

Looking for work shouldn’t be about finding a job. Unfortunately, that’s all it is. It should be about choosing a home where you’re comfortable spending the majority of your waking hours and where you enjoy your co-workers and are paid enough to survive.  
I’ve had 4 interviews this week and two are places I can see me doing very well in the position. I may not get either. I may get both. 
Then, the decision boils down to whether or not I’ll be happy as a cog in the corporate wheel, or whether I’ll be seen as a human being and not a number. 
Quite honestly, I’m tired of the big corporate machine. I’d like to work somewhere that feels like home. 
Sometimes, I hear you can have both. 
I’ve been with a relatively small company and watched and helped it grow into a very big company–one where despite my efforts and excitement at helping it grow, once it got big enough, I became a number and not a person. 
I’ve been with an enormous, global company that said people are its greatest resource; only to be let go because there weren’t enough people to keep my office running.  
At the end of it all, it came to being a number. At one place, I was a pretty big, important number, but to my manager, still just a number. At the other, I was set up to fail. I was a number that took the brunt of failure even though I never had a chance. 
I’m tired of being a number. I’m a human being–as are all of us that make this economy run.  
I can do whatever I do best in a place that sees me as a person, not a number. 
Long story short? 
You only live once. I don’t want to spend my life being a number somewhere. I’m a pe

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