Hey cats and kittens, I’ve got a brief story for ya. 

Five years ago post divorce and after buying my house, I noticed I’d put on about 10 pounds. Sure, I wasn’t working out my requisite 60-90 minutes a day and sure, I was eating a bit more and enjoying my life, but still, it bothered me so I went to my doctor. 

I told my doctor about the weight gain and how I felt I wasn’t taking  care of my health like I used to. Of course, she asked what had changed and I told her about the divorce; that I was a single mom now and in control of my own house and finances. She immediately told me I was likely depressed and prescribed anti-depressants for me.  She also referred me to a psychologist. 

I’m not one to love doctors or medication, but I filled the prescription and finally got in to see the psychologist about a month later. I told him about the weight gain and lack of exercise and how it bothered me. I told him about the divorce and my new house and he asked if it bothered me. I said, “no. Not really. It’s the damn weight gain that’s bothering me.”  He asked if I was happy. I said, “yes!! I’m happier than I’ve been in years, but my doctor says I’m depressed so here I am!” 

We talked for a bit longer about my marriage, my health, my prior and current exercise habits. Toward the end of the hour, he said, “Julie, you are quite likely the most happy, sane person I’ve ever had the pleasure to speak to. You are not depressed and should not have been prescribed anti-depressants. Now that you’re on them, you can’t just quit. You’ll need to work with your doctor on that.”

I thanked him and continued on the anti-depressants. When I told my doc I didn’t want them, she’d prescribe something new. With every new prescription, I seemed to feel more depressed. 

Fast forward 5 years later and I finally weened myself off. My head is clear. I’m happier than I’ve been in years, and, well, I feel like I’m back, baby! 

I understand anti-depressants are a life-saver for others, but they were prescribed to me at a time when I was finally happy. I just put on a little weight. I was divorced. The assumption my doctor made was that I must be depressed. 

Fuck that. 

3 thoughts on “Free!! 

  1. Double Fuck that. The doctor made that assumption based on literally no facts at all – a little weight gain and a divorce doesn’t add up to being depressed. Expecially when you yourself were feeling happy and probably relieved. Should have went to the Physiological first. That was 5 years you shouldn’t have had to go though. But you can’t change the past. Yet. ⚘


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