My Tattoo

I have one tattoo. It takes up nearly 1/4 of my back. Some people get tattoos because they like them or think it’s cool. 

That’s fine if that’s what they want to do. My tattoo is one of those that means something to me. It’s on my back and easily hidden; it’s something I wanted for 7 years. It’s one I did not get until my divorce was final (because, as my ex put it, “tattoos on women are trashy.”) 

Odd thing about tattoos, people that don’t realize you have them always ask what they mean. I guess if you’re going to mark your body for eternity, it has to MEAN something. I agree.  

My one and only tattoo is on my back. It’s art as far as I’m concerned. When I was younger, I had a friend that loved tarot cards. I never much got into reading them, but I did buy a deck for the artwork. It was a King Arthur deck. 

At 23, when I assumed most of my struggles were over, she and I went shopping at a now closed shop. I bought a box of tarot cards that came with a book that explained each card’s meaning. I tried a little to learn to read them, but I never did. 

I know that each time I tried a three card reading for myself, the death card (in a deck of 72) kept popping up. The death card in tarot, we are told means the end of one adventure and the beginning of another. 

That friend that got me into the cards died in a car accident.  That deck I bought for the artwork started pulling the strength card all the time (in a deck of 72). My tattoo that does indeed mean something to me is the strength card in that King Arthur deck. I wanted it after I’d survived cancer, but since my husband thought tattoos were “trashy on women”, I never did. 

Seven years later, I divorced my husband and decided to get the tattoo. Yes, it’s a strength card. Usually, that’s enough to appease those that ask what it means.  Sometimes, they look deeper at the lion and the snake and want more of an explanation. 

Here’s an almost full explanation: 

There are two women in the picture: the woman on the lion represents youth, beauty, and strength. The woman on the snake represents age, wisdom, and cunning. They are joining hands to defeat a common enemy.  

That common enemy holds the two women together as allies. What it means to me is likely not socially acceptable. But I know what it means. It’s on my back for a reason. 

4 thoughts on “My Tattoo

  1. I’m sure you will overcome any obstacle that you come across. You are as gentle as a Dove but as fierce as a Lion. You have many goals that you are trying to achieve and you will conquer all of them. There is strength in numbers – you don’t have to go it alone. ⚘


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