Show me what you got, America 

Now, I realize nobody gives a good goddamn about me and my stupid stories, but, I tell them anyway. I’m sorta a pain in the ass that way. 

Story 1: 

I was in about first grade and all the psych students in high school decided how awesome it would be to experiment on the babies for their psych class.  The question (and yes,it was only one), was “what do you want to be when you grow up?” 

I was in first grade, man.  I’d never actually thought about it, so I said, “what do you mean?” These beautiful, older girls said, “what would you like to be when you grow up?” They had girls asking girls and boys asking boys.  

Eventually, I said (under much pressure to say something), “a ballerina!” 

They laughed and said, “what if you can’t be a ballerina? What would you be?” 

Being a defiant 6-year old, I said, “what else is there?” 

That’s when they told me, “you can be a teacher! You can be a nurse! You can be a mom! Which would be the best?” 

  1. Now, allow me to be as honest as I was at 6, “Nah. I don’t really wanna do any of those things.” I was told, “TEACHER, NURSE, MOTHER!”  It was scary man. So, eventually I said “teacher.”  Then, they recorded my response for their psych class experiment and walked away.
  2. I had an older brother. His experiment was far cooler than mine: “you can be whatever you want! What do you want to be? He wanted to sell cars like his dad. He was wonderful. 

No worries, except that I was 6 when I learned I couldn’t do anything I wanted to do because I HAD TWO X CHROMOSOMES INSTEAD OF XY!  

So then, I’m not in it sheerly to see a woman win. I mean, srsly, she’s by far the most qualified. That’s just fact. If you deny this, you may just be a sexist. 

I’m in it so that 2016 me can answer that question better than 1976 me did. I want girls to say,”when I grow up, I want to be President of the United States.” You can’t do that? Well then, America,that’s pretty damn sad. 

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