The Humorous side of hysterectomy

I was 32 when I had mine at Mayo clinic because I had cancer. Now, some people take it very seriously and so did I until I realized living as a victim and all “woe is me” kind of sucks–and is not who I am. 

Yeah, it took a while but I eventually found some humor–mostly at the expense of others but, hey! Someone’s gotta get people to lighten up, right? 

So, the best things about having no female reproductive organs are: 

1. Going for a check up and being asked the date of your last period and answering 2002 and watching the look. 

2. Being told you still need a Pap smear to check your cervix and saying, “what cervix?”

3. Going for an X-Ray and being asked if there’s any chance you could be pregnant and asking, “do you believe in miracles?” 


4. All the years of being asked, “when are you having another one?” And answering, “as soon as it appears on my doorstep” and watching the reaction…..

Yeah, cancer survivors can laugh too. Pretty sure we can do it the best. Or maybe that’s just my family. 

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