You have one life

I realize this strikes some people hard, but it’s the truth. You have one life. Your time on earth is limited. There is no magical wonderland in the sky after this. 

It’s fine to have faith in your religion that tells you that you’ll have eternal life if you obey all the rules, but I believe this is it.  So, yes, I champion courage and the ability to shrug off social standards. I haven’t yet been able to do it myself even though I’m pretty damn tough. Anyone I see that understands and lives this one life fully and on their own terms? They are my heroes. 

Me? All I can do is talk about it. I dream daily of being as strong as many of my friends are. I’m not there yet. I don’t like the threats and discrimination so I fall in line. That’s why I delete things that are so very truthful. 

This is it, my friends. You’re lucky to be here, you’re lucky to have these years on earth, but you’re not lucky enough to live forever unless you write, stand up, speak out and do whatever you can no matter how hard it is. You can’t live forever by obeying all the rules. You may live forever (by word, thought, or deed), by defying those rules. I want to live forever. I want my ideas, life (and the life of my son), to live forever. That’s why I write, fight, and grow stronger rather than weaker with every setback. 

This is it. 80 years if you’re damn lucky. Don’t waste it being controlled by anything else. 

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