Does Gender Matter? 

Hang in here with my thought stream, but as much as I want to say no. The honest truth is yes. Yes it does. 

What I see (and I’m pretty sure a lot of other women see), is that women have only had the right to vote for about 95 years; women have never been equal in leadership roles here. Hell,  We haven’t even gotten equal pay. 

Now, are we smart enough to see that Sarah Palin, Michele Bachman, and Carly Fiorina are not our best way to equality? Yeah. Ya know, most of us are. 

Why does gender matter? 

For me, it’s because I see a strong, qualified (seriously, someone more qualified to be president than the last 3 we’ve had), and if she can’t get the nomination, it’s because she’s a woman. 

You can go on and on about her corporate sponsors. You can go on and on about her vote for war. She’s the first woman to play the game built by men to be able to make changes for all of us. The fact that she just happens to be a woman? That’s your problem, not mine.  You’ve been living with men’s ideas for 239 years now. She figured you  out. Don’t penalize her for playing the only game that exists. Understand the game. 

One thought on “Does Gender Matter? 

  1. Hillary was and is more than qualified to become President. She’s a very Intelligent highly Educated Lady that knows Political issues and many more issues better than most that are on office now. I would have loved to have seen her become President. I hope she runs for office again. And makes it.


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