Attention is kinda important 

Many years ago, I was sitting in a food place at the mall with my best friend at the time. We overheard a conversation from the next table. 

They were two girls around our age talking about a classmate that had ended up in the hospital for cutting her wrists. “Like everyone knows she only did it for attention.” 

“Yeah, when nobody likes you (giggle) you have to get attention somehow.”

I wasn’t strong enough to turn around then and yell at them, but I did say to my friend, “dear lord, if someone is slicing her wrists for attention, I’d say she damn well needs it. How is this her character flaw?” 

Everyone needs attention. Those who go to extreme measures risk their lives to be seen and heard. That’s how suicides happen. If you think someone needs attention, don’t hate and degrade them, help them. That’s quite likely all they want is for someone to care enough to help. 

Stop being an asshole and then talking about mental illness as an issue you give a damn about. That’s all. 

One thought on “Attention is kinda important 

  1. Those girls at the next table were horrid. I hope she dumped them as her “friends”! I had tremendous back pain this summer. In and out of the ER and then landed in a rehab for two months. My brother told me that at first he thought I was doing it for attention! Pain is real. Whether physical or emotional. People should take it to heart when someone is hurting! Help them instead of gossiping behind her back!


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