The Hypothetical Girl 

Let’s say, hypothetically, of course, that you had this daughter and she was strong and bold. Let’s say you loved her for all of the things that made you proud: she was tough. She was bold. She was tenacious. 

Let’s say, hypothetically,  of course, that you did your best to support her. You went to her plays, her concerts, her speeches. I mean, let’s just say that she made the honor roll every time she was in high school. 

Let’s just pretend, shall we? That she lived her life without being raped–repeatedly and didn’t dare tell you. Let’s just say, she continued to try like hell to make you proud! Let’s just say, for example, that your little girl girl grew up with no violence and no fear. 

Let’s just imagine what she might have accomplished.  I ask you to imagine what I wonder far too often: what might I have done? What might I have been? What might I have accomplished had I not been taught I don’t matter?

It wasn’t my family that taught me that. They taught me I could do or be anything! They lied. For all those hypothetical girls, let’s just stop lying and start changing. 


That’s all. 

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