Knowing your child

My amazing son wrote out a Christmas list some time ago. On it, was a PlayStation 4, many video games and anything Taylor Swift. I’ve learned to understand my son–from him never telling me who has hurt him to him asking for what he thinks he should. 

My son wants desperately to fit in though he never will. I see his awkward exchanges and his awkward attempts to say what he thinks people want to hear. I’ve taught him it’s ok to be different. He’s different. He doesn’t fit in, but he’s amazing. He plays music by ear and it seems to speak to him, so I bought him nothing on his list. 

I bought him all things that would make him understand his strengths–all musical. I also bought him a t shirt so he could begin to love and appreciate his different-ness. He’s just beginning to embrace himself. All I want in the future is for him to continue; to advocate for himself and for others, but right now? At 14, he’s hoping to one day grow up and fit in. 

I bought him wireless microphones, drum sticks and s set of bongos. He loved them more than anything on his list. 🙂 

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