Life is about second chances 

So, this great woman I know needs a job and I’m trying my best to help her. The thing is she has multiple felonies–all drug-related. I know her whole story–abusive mom, ran away at 13. She did what she had to survive. She served her time and is working very hard to get her life together. I worked with her. I know she’s a hard worker, funny and very personable. Her last felony was 6 years ago. Never a violent crime. Do you think employers care how great she is and how hard she’s trying? They see felonies. They don’t want her. They’re missing out on both a great employee and a great opportunity to help someone that truly deserves a break. She’s one of those people that makes my life seem like a cake walk. It’s a wonder she survived at all. What’s the point of rehabilitation of no one gives you a chance? 

That’s all.

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