“Stop Thinking You’re Smarter than Everyone Else”

To be filed under words that are counter-productive. I had a boss. I’ve had several bosses since I’ve been working forever, but this one in particular, said those words to me. It was hilarious because:

A. I’ve never actually thought I was smarter than anyone else but I always liked to tell my boss what I thought. Most of the time, that was appreciated.

B. It was in reference to a $15,000 error that the person I was not to think I was smarter than had already made. 

C. I simply asked that person B that was higher on the totem pole than me, run it by me before he offered the impossible. 

It wouldn’t only hurt him, the store, the company–this error would truly not affect me in any way. I was not expected to know what I did. I pointed it out to save my company $15,000.00. 

Whether you can imagine or not, my attempt to save my company money was not looked upon favorably by that coworker or my boss. 

Instead, his words were, “Stop thinking you’re smarter than everybody.” From this, I gleaned, “know your role. Speak when spoken to. If your opinion is requested, we’ll tell you.” 

When all was said and done, I was listened to, but not credited. I’m guessing that’s what it is for everyone, but I’m pretty sure had I not been female (at that male-dominated company), I wouldn’t have been told to stop thinking I’m smarter than everyone else and may possibly have earned a promotion. So, this is just one quick story for those who think women and men are equal now. If that’s not enough, I have many years more. 

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