Influence. That’s kind of a hot word, isn’t it? You change someone’s mind, it’s “influence”. That word is so much less negative sounding than manipulate. So, they call it influence. Advertisers “influence” you, politicians “influence” you. What’s the difference? You are. You can see bullshit and lies. You can decipher the truth in a sales pitch (because seriously, that’s all it is), you use that brilliant brain mama and daddy gave you, and you see. You see truth. You see lies. You see greed and power and you also see truth and progress. What do you believe? Can you trust anyone? How do you know they aren’t just trying to manipulate/influence you? You understand people are people. We’re on this earth for a limited time. Some people want to take in everything and don’t really give a damn about whatever comes after them. They want everything. They’re willing to destroy everything in their path to make this temporary life here the grand decadence they feel they deserve. Then, there are those of us who aren’t so sure. We realize we can do things and say things and just be a huge pain in the ass to the others. We don’t care about money, fame, control. We care about what comes after this. We care about future generations. Capitalism is cool as long as everyone gets a fair shake. It’s not so cool if you’re born with a silver spoon in your mouth and think you’re entitled. 

I don’t know what that is. I learned because I wanted to. I worked because I wanted to. I’m just this white middle-class chick that thought I could do more. 

This is where I tell you, that I’ve not the slightest clue how difficult my struggle would have been had I not been this white, middle-class chick. 

But, because I am white, because I am middle-class, I apparently have some “influence.”

While I will never tell anyone–white, brown, yellow, red, black, to listen, I will tell every white (Irish, Scandinavian, German) woman to listen. We may have it tough, but we have no idea. So maybe, use your “influence” to fix this shit. United, we shall stand. Divided, we give everyone what they want.

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