Dr. Mom

Hunter. He’s amazing. I don’t speak of it often, but on a Tuesday night, I want to write about him. I want people to know there are no limits. With proper love and encouragement, you (or your children) can be anything they want to be. We impose the limits. We say yes or no. My son, the only child I’ll ever have either by coincidence or divine intervention. My son was born with challenges. For his parents and for him. 

My son, my only child, was first diagnosed with congenital hypothyroidism. You know those tests you get when you have a baby? He failed that one. No one told me which or why. They just wanted to retest. The thyroid fluctuates in newborns, so the second test, he made it through. 

Mom kept noticing odd things. No rolling over, no words, no crawling. She kept taking him in to doctors. They all said she was being hysterical. Babies develop at different rates. 

This mom that saw his first smile and heard his first laugh watched him struggle to roll over, communicate, talk. I kept going back. Eventually, doctors sent me to a “coordinated treatment center” to set my mind at ease. 

The coordinated treatment center was a 5 hour ordeal. My son saw doctor after doctor and went through test after test. At the end of the day, all we left with was a referral to a neurologist. 

The neurologist went through the gamut of horrifying genetic defects that he wanted to test for. The one I remember most was prader willi syndrome. http://rarediseases.about.com/od/rarediseasesp/a/praderwilli.htm

Before I left that day, the neurologist said he’d like to test Hunter’s thyroid–just to rule that out before doing any more testing. The very next day, the neurologist himself called to tell me the good news: Hunter was hypothyroid. He’d have to take a pill every day for the rest of his life, but that’s all. 

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