Julie and politics

I love my family. Truly, I do. Last year, I was a delegate at the North Dakota democratic convention. It was is Fargo. I figured what the hell? Let’s go see what this shit is all about. I went. I was like a fish out of water. I met lots of the candidates. I volunteered for one. I donated quite a bit. Because honestly? North Dakota is far from balanced. I want a purple state–red and blue make purple. When I said that, people here didn’t get it. There are politicians and there are people. Once a person makes a run for office, they are a politician. They can be the most amazing person in the world, but when someone says, “they went political”, it damages them in many people’s minds. 

So, I went. I was a single mom with a kid on the spectrum. There’s other things too, but “the spectrum” is understood now mostly. 

They wanted me to go. I’m not sure why. I think it was the single mom thing. Obviously, I wasn’t going to help anyone get elected in today’s world. 

But there were people there that ran to help us. I met them. There were candidates there that truly didn’t give a damn about Hunter and me. I met them too. 

I could spot the difference in about a minute by the way they talked to me. Oddly enough, they seemed to realize I maybe had a little influence. Some treated me like a person; some treated me like a vote. I knew the difference and I still do. 

After it was over, I’d been asked to run for office. Great people asked me! People who thought I might do some good. I wanted to. I thought long and hard about it. Eventually, I gave in. 

I knew I couldn’t campaign a lot. I had a full time job and a kid. I was told that’s why people will relate to you. 

I said, I’m not a politician! 

They said, “that’s good! People are tired of politicians.”

I said, “yeah, ok. If you think it’s important, ok.” 

And I called mom and dad. They were both excited. I talked to my asshole boss–crazy, but he was excited. 

Then, I got the call: “I have to listen to the people of my district. You’re a single mom. You have a son with special needs. This is too much to throw at you.”

Wait! What?!? So the very reasons you wanted me to run are now the reasons you say I shouldn’t?!?”

Told mom and dad and boss the story. Dad asked me to go to the Republican convention in Minot and give them the same attention. My dad (whom I love immensely) is a republican and yet was fully supportive of me running Democrat. 

I told him that “they didn’t even invite me, dad. I’m nothing to them.”

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