All the Time In the World

I quit my full time job of 13 years. I’d worked for about 25 years straight, gone through college with up to 3 jobs, went straight through summers. I started to think if I only had the time, I’d be able to do everything I’d been putting off. I wanted to write a book. I have 3 in progress. I wanted to get in shape; take care of myself first finally. 

I’d actually saved the money to take the time off for myself. I’d planned to do it one day. I didn’t plan when, but I knew when I was ready. 

I’ve taken time off. I’ve worked part time for a while. I went through some pretty horrible psychological things. What I didn’t do was write. I didn’t get in shape. The thing I realized about myself is if I have all the time in the world? I put everything off until tomorrow.

Every book in progress began when I was working full time. When I could work out 90 minutes a day, it was to clear my mind after a challenging day at work. 

I need a creative outlet when my days are spent in business. I’m good at both and enjoy both. I can’t do one without the other. 

I believe this may be a strength. It’s taken 8 months to realize this. I believe this is called ambition. When I have all the time in the world, I have none. When I realize my time for me is limited, I want to do it all. 

In the mean time, I’m raising one hell of a great kid who’s beginning to pick up on it. He’s ready for mom to get back to work. She was actually happier then. 

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