The Experience Collector part 2

I’m an experience collector. I even wrote about it once! I’ll post that later, but one of the best, most educational experiences I had was working for a staffing agency. I was in Wahpeton working for a marketing agency and I saw an ad looking for someone to be on-site working with the agency employees and navigating all the ins and outs of the temp vs. full time. I had been a temp at this particular factory and knew what it was like. I decided to apply for that job and help other temps. I got that job. We went from 40 temps to 220. At the end, 25% of my work force were refugees and explaining to the privileged white employees why these people were just happy to work drove me insane. Figuratively, of course. But I learned a lot from all of them. It was an amazing experience that burned me out in two years. I may be ready to tackle it again. When I gave notice because I couldn’t get any support (because they literally had no one else), and 40 to 220 is an enormous increase, the refugees were the ones that started a petition to keep me–why? I’d cared enough to learn about them; where they came from, how to say some common phrases; what to do, what not to do….but in the end, it wasn’t enough. The staffing agency had nothing more to offer. No help. No money. No appreciation. So I left. I hear there have been significant changes since then and that they’d like me to (maybe) come back….13 years later. And, well, I’m considering it quite a bit. 🙂 

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