Mom’s Philosophy on humans 

Mom. She’s so much awesome in so many ways. She made me strong and tough. She also taught me how the person that’s supposed to love and support you no matter what can actually be your worst enemy.

Mom taught me through sheer experiment. She taught me that it’s a man’s world. She said, “toughen up butter cup.” She said and did horrible things to make me realize if I wanted to succeed in this life I’d have to work harder, fight my way up, and be indestructible. Mom made me the way I am. For that, I am thankful.

But mom’s philosophy on humans is that if they don’t want to talk to her, she doesn’t speak. She doesn’t reach out for anything. She’s cold and alone. Yet, she tells herself if people wanted to be her friend, they would reach out to her. She doesn’t seem to understand that if she wants someone in her life, she needs to reach out to them.

She’s tough as nails….my mom. She tells you she’s happy and she’s doing exactly what she wants to do. I love her. But I finally disagree with her feeling on humans. It’s ok to reach out. It’s ok to be friendly. Not everyone thinks you want to be a friend until you show them you do. 

She’s had a hard life–most of it before I was born. I love her. I understand her. But no. I don’t want to be like her. 

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