The Moderate

We’re disappearing. Those of us who tend to agree on one side, and then, agree on the other. A moderate to me means, damn it, don’t blow my tax dollars on bullshit. And yet, I support the livestock farmers. It appears to me now that we have one far-left choice, and one far-right choice. What do we do in the middle?

For me, I read party platforms. I honestly believe in maximum freedom and minimum government. I don’t want to be told to smoke or not smoke. I don’t want to be told seat belt or no seatbelt, no helmet or helmet. I don’t actually believe the government should tell me how to live. I think “moderates” like me are a dying breed. 

Nope. I do not want government controlling my choices. Yep, I want decent roads to drive on.

Nope,I’m not gonna let the government dictate my body.

Yep. I think if government wants my money, (taxes), they should lay off women, people of color, gays). 

My idea of moderate is that our government is here to protect assholes (slave owners, murderers, women haters, white supremacist assholes, from doing whatever they want.

Republicans are no longer small government. They’ll take your donations no matter what. Democrats have never been small government. They just think they should take care of all of us. 

So, I’m still stuck in the middle. I’ll just me the moderate. And it’s perfectly ok to be one. Just FYI. We choose. 🙂 

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