Who is a “teacher”? 

A teacher is someone that actually wants to make the world a better place. A teacher loves and cares for children–ALL children, not just those they learn about in college, curriculum; not just the kids that “fit.” 

Believe it or not, there are “teachers” that wanted to teach public school for summers off; for Christmas vacation. Yep, I’ve met them. I’ve been to an obscene amount of meetings in schools with teachers about my amazing, brilliant child.  That amounts to 4 schools, 4 sets of teachers and at least one always complaining about my Aspergers son. You know who had Aspergers? Einstein, Bill Gates, Thomas Edison….but I’m guessing they didn’t fit the curriculum either. 

Do I think good teachers should be paid well? Absolutely, I do. Do I think there are far too few good teachers in it for the right reasons? You bet I do.

Recently, a North Dakota official in public education spoke openly about why it may be a good idea to open doors to teachers that are “experts in their fields”. To be honest, the only people I’ve seen complaining are teachers. And the reason they complain is because they went to college specifically to become teachers. And you know, what’s the point if we let anyone do it? 

There are astrophysicists that couldn’t afford college. There are doctors that can’t afford college. There are attorneys that can’t afford college. Does that mean they aren’t qualified? Or does that mean they don’t have the money? 

Until something changes, I am in favor of those who want to teach, teaching because, let’s face it, it isn’t for the money. 

And you know? I’d be perfectly ok with a mechanic that knew more about my car and fixed it because they cared about it rather than someone that did it to be paid for it.

I know I know. I’m silly. These are my thoughts. 

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