Allow me to be terribly unpopular. Damn, that’s ok most of the time because guess what? Nobody else is paying my bills, so I’m still ok to say stuff.

This is hard! Because I know so many people (and respect them), that run non-profits, 501C3’s, good people that wanted to make charitable giving a career. That’s all good. So….what am I getting at? What am I wishing to say? What does my logical, cynical, mind tell me?

It tells me if you start a livelihood that is primarily based on the continued misfortune of others, your desire to make changes….well….changes. If your donations are primarily the result of others being hurt and hopeless….you know, that’s what keeps you afloat, why would you actually want change? And let’s say it did–people weren’t raped, children weren’t abused, minorities weren’t consistently screwed over–would this be a success of your non-profit? Or would this be the reason you need a new line of work?

Don’t discount my thoughts. I’m certain I’m not the first person to think them. Tell me what happens if you succeed in the mission you started….what happens? I’m curious. 

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