Can You Hear the Crickets? 

Stop and smell the roses. You hear that and you do. Mostly you do it because it makes you feel alive. You smell the roses or whatever flowers you see and stop for a second for a little enjoyment of being alive. 

But, do you see the trees? Do you see the grass? Do you sit quietly and listen to the sound of the crickets? Do you see the Monarch flying by you on your way to work?  Rather than smelling the flowers, see the bumblebees in them. 

Those simple moments are rare. Those simple moments that make you feel like you’re a part of something more. There are moments that happen all the time but we’re just too busy to notice. 

These are the times that you realize why you’re here. It’s not our world. We just have the great fortune of living in it. The trees have been here for hundreds of years; the butterflies; the crickets, they’ll all be here when we’re gone. 

Stop. Listen. Enjoy being a part of it. 

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