I’m not numb

Following along with the social expectations when you aren’t quite cut out for them is easy; you just shut yourself off.  It’s as easy as flipping a switch. You take it all in; this is my life,  I’m going to marry this gal (or guy). That’s just what it’s about.

So, you do it. You try it. This is what it’s about, right?  You should be happy now! You have the spouse. You have the kids! You have the nice house and the family. That’s what you were promised when you entered this life right? You have it all! You’re envied.

Damn honey, you’ve just achieved the American Dream!!!! But here’s the thing: it’s not the American Dream. Spend some time with people who aren’t born here. Spend some time with a few “new Americans.”

We take it for granted. We need to stop doing that. But the “American Dream” is not a sweet house in the suburbs and a big, fine car. The American Dream is not what we’ve been told being born here. The American Dream is:

Coming to this country and no longer feeling like there’s a bullseye on your head.

Coming to this country and feeling like you might (just might!) be able to start a business to make enough for your loved ones to come over.

Coming to this country just might mean…you can worship who or what you want, or not worship what you want.

My point being, we’re the effing United States of America! We were founded on freedom. I’d like to continue being free. Free to speak, free to worship, free to live without fear. Hey! For many of us out here, that’s all still a dream. But I believe it’s possible.  And honey, the next time you bitch about immigrants or refugees (and seriously, please learn the difference), ask yourselves if human beings are free to live an American Dream–whether or not they were born here.

And honey, if you feel like their dream is taking something from your’s, you need to speak to your representatives, not the immigrants or refugees.

That consumerism is not the American Dream as it first began. Consumerism has been bought and paid for to make you numb to human suffering. Well,  I’m not numb.

How about you?

4 thoughts on “I’m not numb

  1. The immigrants and refugees are, of course, not the issue. They deserve to find their freedom and do whatever they have to do to obtain it. And, I applaud that accomplishment. However, when they get here, ‘without documentation’ which is evidently the new ‘politically correct thing to say’…they are definitely on my dollar. Why my dollar? Because I live here and do, in fact, pay taxes. I have lots of dreams for my tax dollars – like maybe helping the many many many and many more sons and daughters of ours (born here) who are living on the street, have had a hard road and lost the roof over their head for one reason or another. Do you know that a man alone, with no wife or child, can get absolutely NO help. Nothing. Go to a shelter they are told. So I ask you all, why do we give aid to those who are here ‘undocumented’ when we won’t even help OUR OWN. That’s my conundrum. Yes, life is not fair. However, intelligent people can do what is right. Awww Julie, you inspire me to take a stand. Thank you.

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