Blondes and more fun 

You know you’ve been wondering if “blondes have more fun.” I went back to blonde after I was blonde a long time and decided I preferred to be “taken seriously”. I didn’t want my blonde hair to cause biases. So I went back to brunette.  I’ve actually done this hair color change several times. But now, I quit my job in finance…. Where being taken seriously seemed to be an asset. Keep in mind, my mind didn’t change, just my hair color. And yes! There are biases and stereotypes about blondes. And the easiest thing for blondes to do is fall into that trap.

They don’t all do it, but it makes it easier to be forgiven for making silly mistakes (which I did as a brunette too). It makes it easier to get out of a traffic ticket. And believe it or not, it’s easier to find someone to take pity on the poor dumb blonde than it is to challenge the laws and rules and make  them think. Which I always understood while young and blonde.

So, now as a mature 40-something, I just decided to look like I want to look. It doesn’t change my brain. I just look in the mirror and see myself now instead of some bullshit stereotype that allowed for people to treat me like I might have a brain. So, here’s what’s changed since I went back to blonde:

1. I get cat called. Often. Never mind I’m a single mom in my 40’s, there’s something about that hair that makes men assume I’ll respond to, “yo! Hey baby! Nice tits!”

2. I get far more unwanted, random friend requests–accompanied by lurid messages. 

But for the most part, that’s it. I think I should say my hair is blonde now because I like it that way. There’s no reason behind it. I’m not trying to make myself more attractive to anyone. I just wanted to look in the mirror and see myself. 

I can say the same for make up, shaving, wearing clothes I like. They all reflect me and who I am. I do not change myself to fit into my circumstances anymore. I change myself to fit my mood. 

And I think that’s ok for women and men. Dress as you like, fix your hair as you like, shave if you like, wear make up if you like. I bow to no social pressure. I just like being myself. If you don’t understand that, please know that I don’t understand why you don’t understand that. 

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