Allow me to talk politics

Which I rarely do anymore. It became fairly clear to me that among politicians, I don’t matter. All I have is my vote. Oh! But wait! Last year I contributed well over 2000.00 to help politicians in my state. I still didn’t matter. Why would I say that? 

Why would I think that? 

Being a part of a campaign that was focused solely on “known voters”, I couldn’t help but wonder why there wasn’t more focus on the 67% of the population that doesn’t vote. All I had was a little extra money and a voice. I can tell immediately who’s there to make a difference and who’s there for power. I’ve always found it strange that anyone would feel the amount of hubris it must take to be in government. I’m a live and let live kind of person. The only thing that might make me worry about who has the power is knowing they have their own agenda and do not speak for the people that they represent. So, when only 33% votes, there’s a significant problem. Speaking from experience, that problem is that the majority is being left behind because we lack money, education, or both. 

The truth is, we are so busy working, raising out kids, trying to keep our heads above water, we simply don’t have time to care. 

But we’re still here….waiting for someone to give a damn. 

I tend to think (which I’ve been wrong about before) is you must appeal to the people. Let us know your on our side. Let us know you care about us. Give up the suits and the pandering. Just be a human being. Stop trying to be perfect because we aren’t. We can’t relate to perfect. We’re just here,working,paying our taxes, wondering why we have to when there’s 0 representation of us. 

So, vote, don’t vote. But tell them why. 

Let’s change it. 

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