Here’s why you keep losing 

It’s not that you don’t care. It’s not that you don’t try. It’s not that you aren’t the best person for the job. I annoy the heck out of people when I say these things, but here’s the deal: 

I’m a former republican. Now, you can call me stupid, ill-informed…whatever. I believe what I believe. And while I voted for W. Twice, Clinton once and Obama once; the reason is all the same. 

I like people; human beings. Real people that say things and do things that may not make them morally superior. They screw up. They inhale. They say and do things that make them human. 

I think about the 2014 elections: how I met many democrats, hung out, drank with them; and yet, it was nearly a clean sweep.  Why do I think that happened? Maybe I’m just naive; an idiot that doesn’t understand.  

Or maybe….

Ya’ll just need to stop worrying about making everyone happy. You know, instead of assuming we’re all just morons that vote for the “R”, maybe most of us just skip it because you’re just gonna skate around shit anyway. Maybe, just maybe, you should plant your feet and take a stand and follow through with it. And hey! If you still lose, you’ll know you threw it all out there–minimum. 

So, you ask yourself, how can these idiots (Republicans) keep winning when they say the most asinine things? Joni Ernst and her bread bags; Paul Ryan, who said, “We not only want to ban abortion! We want to make it unthinkable.” 

Why do these idiots win? Because they’re honest. They don’t say whatever they think might get them the most votes. They just, you know, own it. Politics shmolitics. If you want my vote, you better damn well say what you believe in. I may agree. I may not. But sure as shit, I’ll respect you more for saying what you think instead of pandering for votes.

We aren’t idiots. Say what you want to say….or keep losing. Because those that do, inspire people to get out and vote. Those that don’t, leave us wishing for candidates with backbone.

That’s all. 

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