Yes, I stand with Planned Parenthood. Here’s Why:

You probably already know I’m a small town North Dakota girl. What you may not know is that sex education isn’t taught here. We’re certainly not taught about birth control. That’s probably why we have a fairly high teen pregnancy rate. So, where do small town North Dakota girls go for help and advice when they’re sexually active (and yes, they are.  Whether you don’t ever talk about sex or you do, they are. If that shocks you, you need a reality check).

I was 16 and had my first real boyfriend who was 19, which is racy in itself to many people it seems. I thought I loved him and even though I know now that I didn’t, there was absolutely nobody who could tell me that. I would have to learn it on my own. You see, teenage girls are much smarter than they’re given credit for. We knew what we wanted and we went for it. Now, my boyfriend wanted to have sex, but he wasn’t fond of condoms–most men aren’t from what I’ve learned. Now, 16 year old me could have broken up with my gorgeous, sweet, sexy boyfriend because he refused to use a condom; but I loved him, so that wasn’t going to happen.

What did happen a few years before was a quick talk with my mom.  She told me there was a Planned Parenthood in Moorhead (about 35 miles away from me), where they could help me and get me birth control when I felt I needed it. She said of course, I could tell her too, but if I didn’t feel like telling her, to just go ahead and go to Planned Parenthood and take care of it.

So, when the time came and I knew I would be having sex with my boyfriend I was so in love with, I went to Planned Parenthood in Moorhead. They were very kind and helpful. I was a teenager with no job, so I wasn’t charged. They taught me about sex, birth control, STD’s and gave me birth control pills. I continued going there for about 6 years.

As a result, Planned Parenthood is responsible for me not becoming a teen mom because there was no way I would be talked out of having sex with my boyfriend.

Despite what you may think (or have been told or have been lied to about), Planned Parenthood has prevented more pregnancies than it’s ever terminated. The main goal of the entire organization is on preventive measures and education (it’s right there in the name, PLANNED PARENTHOOD). In addition, they provide cancer and STD screenings for anyone and charge on a sliding scale, so no income? No charge.

The lies flying around about Planned Parenthood are malicious gossip being spread with the very intent to close the organization because 3% of what they do is terminate unwanted pregnancies. Also, for my fellow North Dakotans, the Planned Parenthood in our state is educational only. They do not have a clinic nor do they dispense birth control. The Planned Parenthood in Moorhead provides education, screenings, and birth control. The nearest Planned Parenthood to us that performs abortions is in the Twin Cities.

If you don’t like Planned Parenthood because 3% of its activities are made up of terminating pregnancies, please ask yourself how many more abortions or teen pregnancies we would have if not for Planned Parenthood?

Please, consider the consequences if you should happen to close them down. And always, be careful what you wish for.

That’s all.

4 thoughts on “Yes, I stand with Planned Parenthood. Here’s Why:

  1. I am sad when I hear that a young girl has to go to someone other than a parent to learn about sex and the consequences of sexual activity before marriage. For that reason, I was given permission (as a school counselor) to talk to high school students about abstinence as being the only 100% effective method for prevention of ALL the possible consequences of sex before marriage. Interesting that no one talks about that anymore, except maybe a few parents. There are consequences other than pregnancies and STDs that occur when girls have sex, and those consequences are social, emotional, and mental. But, no one sees those discussed on social media. I was amazed as I talked to the adolescents (boy and girls) at their lack of knowledge about STDs and that birth control methods don’t necessarily protect against some STDs. Most young people truly believe that it is important to experience sex before marriage and it is “the norm,” when in reality, it is not the norm and can lead to discontent in marriage. I wonder how much time Planned Parenthood spends talking about all of this before they hand out the condoms. (I won’t even get into the abortion topic…. so sad that was ever considered an option for “birth control.”)


  2. I seldom discuss this incident, even among my intimate friends- it’s a terrible memory and I prefer not to dwell on it but If not for the care and compassion of Planned Parenthood, I would have been without *any* health care through several periods of my life, including the frightening and dark time in months following my surviving an abduction and rape.
    Back then, HIV testing was a lengthy process and the “Morning After Pill” did not exist. I spent several months terrified that the assault might have left me infected, pregnant or both.
    The staff at my local PP were caring, professional, thorough and THERE for me… and the nurse that was my primary contact shared my tears of relief when the final tests came back as good news.
    In Humboldt County, there were few resources for medical assistance for assault victims, especially those who had decided not to pursue criminal charges .I had survived with no significant physical injuries and my attacker was so poorly equipped that the physical exam did not even show evidence of intercourse other than the presence of hair and fluid. I knew the DA, and his record of pleading down rapes to simple assaults or even misdemeanor “Sexual Misconduct” to preserve his conviction rate and could see no upside to allowing myself to be put through the meat grinder of our local courts when there was little physical evidence and no chance of my assailant being appropriately charged.
    Planned Parenthood’s staff made sure I knew all my choices but never pressured me about the decision.
    I got through that terrible time in large part because PP stood with me, and I stand with Planned Parenthood.


    1. Thank you for sharing. Please keep speaking up. It helps us all. I’ve also written some blogs about my rape and molestation. Read them if you wish.
      All my love and support to you.


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