Stop “wearing your heart on your sleeve”

Ever heard this? How about “you need a thicker skin”? Or “you’re too sensitive?”

I’ve heard it forever. Telling a sensitive person to stop it is like telling us to stop breathing. We don’t actually ask for it or choose it. It just happens. But, I listened! I shut it all down. I managed to live a while that way and I did very well! As I’m sure many do.

But, as I’ve gotten older and more introspective, I find myself wondering why we live in a world that prefers us to be cold, unfeeling, uncaring. I understand it was always people who cared about me that said to stop “wearing my heart on my sleeve.” They didn’t want me to be chewed up and spit out. They wanted me to be able to navigate the life I was born into and be ok. I get that.

But what I don’t understand is why people are so busy and concerned with changing us to fit the world instead of changing the world to fit us.

I decided I like myself more when I wear my heart on my sleeve. If the world doesn’t like it, maybe it’s not me (and those like me), that needs to change. Maybe it’s the world. But to say that out loud; to buck what society is, is what makes people think there’s something wrong with me.

My news to you is: there is nothing wrong with me (or those like me). What’s wrong is the perception that everything you’ve ever been told is correct. If it were correct, there would be a lot more happiness and peace in the world. Maybe it’s time more of us wore our hearts on our sleeves.

One thought on “Stop “wearing your heart on your sleeve”

  1. Very insightful Julie. And no. You don’t have to change anything about you or the way that you are or think. Stay true to yourself. Always. ⚘


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