You aren’t Crazy 

By golly, if I had a nickel for every time I was called crazy, I’d have a lot of nickels by now. But, you see, you have to be stronger than that. You have to hear that–multiple times–and know it’s untrue. I understand how difficult it is. I understand that being a black sheep in a sea of white ones is terribly difficult to master. But trust me, you are not crazy. It’s quite likely you’ve met some who are on your journey to be a full, true, human being. But if you just see things differently; if you just call out hypocrisy; if you’re only trying to maintain your beautiful mind in this cesspool of society, please, trust me, you are not crazy.

How do I know this? I’ve spent years being told there’s something wrong with me. “My God, just know your role and conform or be killed….or trampled by the hypocritical masses into nonexistance.” Many believe this and stay silent. I went to counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists. Not one of them thought there was anything wrong. I am, in fact, “one of the most sane people I’ve ever had the comfort to talk to.” Many are living a delusion based upon what they’ve been told to do, enjoy, would make them noble enough for humanity.” But they live a lie. I’m me. Love me. Hate me. I speak truth and that scares the shit out of most people. But, not the people that want to be my friends. I’m not alone. I just say shit out loud (or in print). I’m happy and proud to give voice to the voiceless, hope to the hopeless, love  to the loveless. And I’ll delete this post soon because you just aren’t ready for it. And that makes me sad. 

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